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Craig Harris: Indigenous Music in North America

Roosevelt Room

In person.

Craig Harris will visit the library to talk about his book Rise Up! Indigenous Music in North America . Covering over 500 years of history, religion, and cultural evolution, it masterfully combines deep research with personal stories by four dozen award-winning Indigenous musicians, providing an unprecedented eye-and-ear-opening look at Indigenous music, spirituality, and life. More than powwow drums and wooden flutes, Indigenous music intersects with rock, blues, jazz, folk music, reggae, hip-hop, classical music, and more. This will be a 75-90 minute multimedia and participatory introduction to today’s Indigenous music.

“(Rise Up!) brings Indigenous music full circle for the first time. The ancient heartbeat that connects each Indigenous person to the earth is finally explored.” – Dom Flemons, singer-songwriter, formerly with the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Craig Harris, M. Ed., is a music historian, percussionist, Washington, DC radio host, and the author of The New Folk Music, The Band; Heartbeat, Warble, and the Electric Powwow; Bluegrass, Newgrass, Old-time, & Americana Music, Crossing Borders, .and the forthcoming Rise Up! Indigenous Music in North America. Playing drums/percussion since his teens, Harris has played with C.J. Chenier, Greg Brown, Jonathan Edwards, Rod MacDonald, Melanie, Mustard’s Retreat, Merl Saunders, Rick Danko (The Band), and Los Texmaniacs. Since 2014, he’s co-hosted the weekly syndicated Gaea Crystal Radio Hour. After teaching music in public/charter schools in Boston, Somerville, Chelsea, and Springfield, MA for twenty-six years, Harris launched Drum Away the Blues in 2009. Since then, he’s presented multimedia/music programs in libraries, schools, and childcare/senior centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, North Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

CAPACITY: 33 of 40 spaces available.

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The Ammo Dump – A Taking of Heritage (The Backstory to the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge)

The Ammo Dump – A Taking of Heritage (The Backstory to the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge)

Roosevelt Room

Learn the backstory to the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. Copies for signing will be available.

What if you received a knock on your door tonight and were told you had to leave? You had no more than a month to do so, and you could only take what was not nailed down? Eighty Massachusetts families faced that predicament on March 25, 1942. This book tells their story.

A Firehouse’s Night Before Christmas with Maynard Fire Captain Mike Parr

A Firehouse’s Night Before Christmas with Maynard Fire Captain Mike Parr

Storytime Room 

Join us as Maynard Fire Captain Mike Parr reads his new book, A Firehouse’s Night Before Christmas. Captain Parr will also give a brief fire safety lesson and a song.

The Garden Tourist’s Charleston

Charleston is famous for its beautiful gardens. Get an intimate glimpse of the city’s historic gardens as well as a tour of beautiful local destinations such as Brookgreen Gardens, Middleton Place, Charleston Tea Garden, and Magnolia Plantation.

Presented by Jana Milbocker. Jana is the principal of Enchanted Gardens, a lecturer and author. She combines horticulture, design, and travel tips to educate, inspire and delight both new and seasoned gardeners. Jana loves to visit gardens and historic sites in the U.S. and abroad, and share her trips through her books, photos and blog. She published The Garden Tourist: 120 Destination Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast in 2018, The Garden Tourist’s New England in 2020, and The Garden Tourist’s Florida in 2021. The 2-acre garden surrounding her Victorian home features more than 140 varieties of trees and shrubs, perennial gardens, peony and rose beds, water features and shady retreats.

Virtual. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link. Register at https://maynardpubliclibrary.assabetinteractive.com/calendar/the-garden-tourist-s-charleston/

Author Talk with Doug Tallamy: The Nature of Oaks

With Bringing Nature Home, Doug Tallamy changed the conversation about gardening in America. His second book, the New York Times bestseller Nature’s Best Hope, urged homeowners to take conservation into their own hands. Now, he is turning his advocacy to one of the most important species of the plant kingdom—oak trees.

In The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees, Tallamy reveals the ecological importance of the oak tree, discussing its month-by-month role in the planet’s seasonal cycles and shares practical advice about how to plant and care for an oak.

Join online from home or watch with a group at the library. Register at https://maynardpubliclibrary.assabetinteractive.com/calendar/doug-tallamy-the-nature-of-oaks/

This event is brought to you by the Maynard Council on Aging and the Maynard Public Library.

Week of Trees! Survivors: Exploring the Incredible Resilience of Old Growth Forests through Art, Traditional Knowledge, Science, and Literature.

Come talk old growth forests with us! Enjoy gorgeous large-format photography of old growth forests by photographer Brent Mathison; Indigenous perspectives from Nipmuc tribal member and cultural steward Andre Strongbearheart Gaines Jr.; scientific insight from Harvard Forest senior ecologist Neil Pederson, and a reading from a new book in the works on First Forests and First Peoples by Lynda Mapes, Seattle Times journalist and Harvard University Bullard Fellow, presently in residence at the Harvard Forest in Petersham, MA.

The Sanctuary, 82 Main St., Maynard, MA.
6:00 pm doors open, 6:30 pm start.

Author Talk: Thomas Mickey: Victorian Flowers We Still Love

In person or via Zoom. Click here to register and receive the Zoom link.   Click here to register for in-person attendance.

Join author and master gardener Thomas Mickey as he discusses his latest book All about Flowers: James Vick’s Nineteenth-Century Seed Company.

Nineteenth century seed company owner James Vick (1818-1882) believed in being fair and honest with his customers. That ethical stance inspired his communication methods with his customers at a time when business owners thought ‘hype’ was essential.

Vick had been an editor and writer before his seed business.  He wrote his catalog and monthly magazine with words inspired with what would most help his customers.

The new book All about Flowers: James Vick’s Nineteenth-Century Seed Company illustrates how this nineteenth century seed company influenced both gardeners and the kind of garden that became essential, the Victorian flower garden.

The second half of the nineteenth century made possible a media-driven garden which included what the garden should look like, where it should be in the home landscape, and what plants ought to be in it.  The seed catalogs, garden magazines, and horticultural papers of the day suggested the plant varieties and indicated where to plant them in the garden.

James Vick’s story has not been told yet. He is known in his hometown Rochester, New York but he played a key role in gardens everywhere in nineteenth century America, whether of the wealthy, the middle class, the working class, or the city dweller.  Vick inspired gardeners everywhere with his own passion for gardening with flowers and his desire to spread the love of floriculture

Vick published yearly seed catalogs and a popular monthly garden magazine.  He systematized the seed business: growing seeds, drying them, packaging them, and shipping them around the country, well before both Sears and Montgomery Ward sent out their first catalog.

The eighteenth-century gardens of England included flowers that became popular in the nineteenth century Victorian garden as well.   Vick sold many of the same flowers. They continue to be essential in today’s flower garden. The list includes garden favorites like the geranium, nasturtium, lobelia, dahlia, morning glory, and hollyhock. They are among the Victorian flowers that remain our favorites.

With Maynard Community Gardeners

Sally Thurston

A Virtual Latina Heritage Author Panel

Authors Isabel Cañas, Romina Garber, Priscilla Oliveras, and Caridad Piñeiro will talk about their journeys to becoming published authors, keeping in mind their diverse Latinx backgrounds. Whether they were born in the US or elsewhere, their heritage has influenced their writing, characters, publishing journey, and fan base.

From paranormal fantasy to speculative fiction to contemporary romance, these authors span the gamut of fiction. It’s sure to be a fascinating conversation!

Presented in partnership with the Ashland Public Library.

Mystery Author Night At the MPL

Mystery Author Night

Mystery Author Night with Paula Munier, Sarah Stewart Taylor and Archer Mayor.

CONTACT: Sally Thurston  978-897-1010  sthurston@minlib.net