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Prison Book Program Talk and Art From Inside Exhibit

View the Art from Inside exhibit at the Library and learn about the work being done by the Prison Book Program.
Kelly Brotzman, Managing Director of the Prison Book Program in Quincy, will talk about the issue of access to books and information for people in prison, the role books play in incarcerated people’s lives, and the work the Program does to support incarcerated people’s right to read.

Refreshments will be served, courtesy of the Friends of the Maynard Public Library.

Maynard ROCKS

Maynard ROCKS!

Welcome to the official Community ROCKS group for Maynard, MA – rocking the 01754.

Started by a family with a mild obsession with rocks, painting and the ‘little things’.

We are painting rocks, shells and earthy things to hide around Maynard to brighten people’s day. Maynard, with its legacy of artistic creativity and dedication to community, has inspired over a thousand rockers to make a little difference everyday.

How does it work?

Wanna hide an Art Rock? Paint and place a rock, shell or other natural item within Maynard to be found & appreciated. Share a photo or clue on Maynard Rocks!
IMPORTANT: Write “Maynard ROCKS! F.B.” on your art rock. Post on social media with hashtag #MaynardRocks

Found an MaynART Rock? Admire & share your experience on Maynard ROCKS! Rock the selfie or just the art. If the art rock really calls to you, by all means keep it forever as your new MaynART Rock and tell others how you found it. The goal is to get lots of people painting.

Create. Share. Inspire.




Rock on, Maynard. Rock on…