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David Mark presents “All Things DEC​”

David Mark presents

All Things DEC​

Author and historian David Mark will present a talk about Digital Equipment Corporation on Wednesday, June 17 at 7 pm via Zoom.  Digital Equipment Corporation (digital, DEC) had a glorious arc that started with some rented space in the mill complex in 1957, furnished with office furniture bought on credit from Gruber Bros. Furniture, then rising to make Maynard the “Minicomputer capital of the world,” as a multi-billion dollar company second only to IBM. Mark’s talk, with many images from the archives of the Maynard Historical Society, will span the origin, rise, peak and decline of DEC. He will touch on the work experience of women at DEC, and the company’s commitment to diversity training.

Register on the Maynard Library website https://www.maynardpubliclibrary.org/dec-talk