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OARS 16th Annual Wild & Scenic® Film Festival

16th Annual Wild & Scenic® Film Festival

OARS is excited to bring our 16th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival to Maynard.
OARS 3 Rivers is once again hosting one of the largest environmental film festivals.

Wednesday, April 17, 2023, 6–9:30 pm
(doors open at 6 pm)

Maynard Fine Arts Theatre
19 Summer St, Maynard, MA 01754

Join us on Wednesday, April 17, for an evening of humor, adventure, and inspiration.
For 15 years, we have hosted this incredible event with friends from our watershed, aiming to unite the community around local environmental issues, inspire advocacy, and provide opportunities for local involvement from people like YOU.

This year’s award-winning films are brought to you from the nation’s largest environmental film festival. The films, celebrating the theme Reel Action, share stories of love for the outdoors, activism, and an awareness of change in the natural world.


• $25: General Admission
• $20: OARS members (email OARS to confirm membership status)
• $10: OARS volunteers (OARS volunteers will be emailed a discounted ticket link)

visit oars3rivers.org to purchase tickets

OARS—15th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival

OARS 3 Rivers is once again bringing one of the largest environmental film festivals to the Fine Arts Theatre in Maynard, MA, and (up to five days of) video-on-demand on May 24, 2023.

This is the fifteenth year that OARS has hosted this popular event. The Wild & Scenic® Film Festival provides environmentally conscious organizations an opportunity to showcase films as a way to reach into their communities and inspire citizens to effect environmental change.

The festival offers a way for viewers to get energized and empowered to work in the community and get involved in OARS’ initiatives and other projects.

The reception begins at 7:00 pm. Showtime is 8:00 pm sharp.
Meet new friends, get in line for door prizes from our sponsors at the reception, and see awe-inspiring films from around the world and close to home during showtime.

If you can’t be part of the big night or want to re-watch the films—there’s good news: hybrid viewing tickets that include five days of video-on-demand are available.

To register and purchase tickets click here.

Please call 978·369·3956

Maynard Film Festival National Open Call for “Small Town Shorts

Submit by Dec 31, 2020 midnight at Filmfreeway
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Maynard Film Festival is a new national platform based in Maynard, MA, for independent and community-based filmmaking. “Small Town Shorts” is the Festival’s first open call for films that tell stories about how life has changed in American suburbs and rural small towns during these transformational times.

The focus will be on documentary storytelling and community involvement to record how small town culture is changing and coping with social unrest, pandemic, wildfires, and economic recession. Why small towns?…for the access. From town hall meetings to the local farmstand, these communities already know each other. Also, the consequences of the fate of our time will hit harder in smaller communities. Documenting the solutions to hardships, revealing the resiliency, and sharing the struggle are all part of what will be filmed and archived for history. A small town is defined as a population under 100,000 as of 2020.

Filmmakers will make a 2-5 minute short, adhering to themes about small town life. The best short films will be presented on the big screen at the Fine Arts Theatre in Maynard, MA, and released online later.

MFF supports emerging and established voices; curates innovative and interactive experiences and the use of smartphone filmmaking. MFF will be soliciting jurors from museums to judge and archive the best shorts for their collections that focus on these historic times.

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Maynard Film Festival Open Call

The Maynard Short Film Festival CONTINUES!

An OPEN CALL for all Filmmakers, Directors, Local Historians!

As we look forward to celebrating 150 years as a small town we have a lot to remember and cherish.

NEXT DUE DATE: August 1st Midnight.
THEME: Maynard Centric – HISTORY FOCUS
GENRE: Documentary
SUGGESTION: Do NOT be limited. Be inspired. Everyone’s story is history. Those who like parameters, HISTORY is the aim. Focus on Maynard is a bonus. Lets see how we can all CLOSE THE SOCIAL DISTANCE.

All Festival Films must be posted on a publicly accessible platform, tag w/ #maynardfilmfest, and SEND A LINK TO: andymoerlein at gmail dot com

Interested directors please preregister by alerting andymoerlein at gmail dot com so you are kept up to date on the Maynard Short Film Festival news and plans.

Zannah Noe of Maynard has stepped up to head the next phase for the Film Festival starting August 1st. Coming from a fine art and event management background in NYC and SF, her vision is to develop  themes for a year long film series for and about Maynard. The best of the year to be showcased as a film festival event in 2021. If you are interested in helping to make this vision a reality, please email zannahnoe@gmail.com. We need volunteers to manage the various aspects of this Festival. We will build a team of talent, ambition and enthusiasm!