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Art Talk Series with Jane Oneail: Norman Rockwell

Art Talk Series with Jane Oneail

Norman Rockwell: Inclusion, Exclusion and Evolving Views on Race

Tuesday, July 28

7:00 pm via Zoom Register at https://www.maynardpubliclibrary.org/art-talks

In this first of three art talks, Jane Oneail of Culturally Curious will present a talk with images about Norman Rockwell and the evolving views on race in America.

Norman Rockwell is heralded for depicting and defining American life. He often captured bittersweet images of people experiencing universal and relatable feelings of being left out or left behind. Yet, as an artist working in the 20th century, his works are curiously devoid of America’s rich cultural and racial diversity. Toward the end of his career, Rockwell painted several poignant works about race in America that can be seen as an extension of his earlier sense of the power of inclusion and exclusion.

The series continues on Tuesday August 18 with Parisian Cafes and Impressionist Painting