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Maynard Delivers! Win a Gift Certificate to Local Restaurants. Daily drawing.

Do you miss the Maynard restaurant scene?
Can’t wait for your favorite local restaurant to re-open?
Well, you don’t have to!

Many of the independent restaurants in Maynard are offering takeout and delivery services as they prepare for dine-in customers.

You can help support them and maybe win a little something for yourself.

The Maynard Cultural District will be giving away one gift certificate per day, seven in total, to lucky participants delivery or takeout from Maynard restaurants between July 5 and July 11th.

Participants must post a photo of their Maynard restaurant order to the MCD #MaynardDelivers event on the Maynard Cultural District Facebook page between July 5, 2020 and July 11, 2020. All posts must include: (1) the name of the restaurant, (2) the names of the dish or dishes and (3) the #MaynardDelivers tag.

One chance per order and the gift certificates will be from the restaurant where the order was placed. Recipients will be selected at random from among the eligible entries for that day. Recipients will be announced on the official event page and contacted through Facebook Messenger.